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Wondering Panel Terms and Overview
Wondering Panel Terms and Overview
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This article gives an overview over the terms governing the use of the Wondering panel, which is powered by Prolific, and highlights some key points in relation to using the Wondering Panel.

Usage policies for the Wondering panel

The terms for using the Wondering panel are incorporated into our Terms of Service, which can be found here. Any use of the Wondering panel must adhere to the usage policies of our panel provider, Prolific.

Some highlights from these policies that you should keep note of as you launch your studies are:

Don't share offensive content

Please refrain from including any content that could be offensive, illegal, jeopardize the safety of individuals, or infringe upon the rights of panel participants.

Do not target participants under 18

Participants under the age of 18 years old cannot be the targeted as part of screening criteria.

Do not ask participants for their personal information / identifiers

At any point during a study, including when asking for consent, you can not ask for any information that could reveal the identity a person from the panel. This includes details such as their name, residence, contact information, birthdate, or any form of identification. More information about the personal information you should not ask from panel participants can be found here.

Studies are non-refundable

You are accountable for preview your study and confirming that participants can successfully complete the test. This includes any logic you've applied to any of the blocks in your study.

Please note that panel credits will not be refunded in the event of a test error, even if the study results become unusable as a result of such an error.

Panel participants can only be pre-screened with the built in panel filters

We currently do not support screening out participants from participating in your studies before you recruit them, other than with the filters that are available in the Wondering study builder. That means that any participants you recruit from the panel will cost a credit, even if you choose to disqualify a participant from completing your full study using logic in your study.


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